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The Empowerment Plan

I recognise that living with chronic pain or a chronic health condition impacts not just on your physical state but can also have a negative effect on how you feel about yourself and about life in general.

I strongly believe that whatever your situation, with the correct guidance and support you can create greater wellbeing for yourself. I want to inspire you to aim higher and reach for more….you can live a fulfilling life despite your health condition!

The Empowerment Plan has been developed to enable people struggling to live with a chronic health problem to find their inner strength and motivation and to reach for greater wellbeing. My aim is to give you the tools to maximise your physical wellbeing and then inspire you to create a life that you really enjoy. Ultimately through the plan I will enable you to work around limitations and difficulties caused by your health and aim to inspire and assist you in creating a life that you enjoy! If you already lead a fulfilling life but want to improve your physical symptoms then individual clinical hypnotherapy sessions might be best for you.

It's time to regain control and improve your wellbeing if:

  • You feel that your health condition is beginning to control your life
  • You feel you have lost your sense of identity and feel trapped
  • You find stress aggravates any or all of your symptoms
  • Your symptoms are overwhelming or unstable
  • You don't enjoy life or have anything to look forward to
  • If 'I can't' or 'sorry' are words you use A LOT

You have been living with your health condition, now it’s time to make it live with you!

What does The Empowerment Plan involve?

The comprehensive three stage nature of The Empowerment Plan is designed to help you maximise your wellbeing and learn how a great life is created so that you can get more, much more out of life!

First Stage

During the first stage we will focus on reducing the severity and impact of your symptoms by targeting them directly. Initially you'll receive a personalised hypnotherapy session but you will soon master self-hypnosis and a number of other effective tools. Along the way you will come to understand the importance of the mind-body connection and how you can use it to improve your symptoms!

Imagine the benefits that reduced pain, improved sleep and more confidence in yourself would bring to your daily life? Imagine knowing that you have achieved those improvements yourself and can continue to maintain them independently!

Second Stage

In the second stage you will be addressing the effects of emotion and language on your health and your life experiences. You may be surprised to find just how much of an impact your language (to yourself especially) and thoughts can have on how you feel and even how your body works! By the end of this stage you will come to realise that you are not powerless over either your symptoms or over your situation.

Third Stage

By the end of stage two you will already be feeling empowered to make more from your lot and to see just what might be possible… this is exactly what the third and final stage is about. You will work to create a more enjoyable and fulfilling life, learning that with flexibility and positively we can often turn impossible into possible. I say "work", this really is the fun bit… where you set and work towards life enhancing goals and discover just how much you can experience and enjoy life. Throughout this stage and the whole plan, I will be your biggest supporter, but I will also challenge you to look beyond what you "can’t do" and find how you can do something or what else you can and want to do!

Over the three stages you will:

  • Master powerful mind-body techniques
  • Improve your symptoms and reduce their impact
  • Regain your self worth and identity
  • Identify and achieve life enhancing goals
  • Build a more enjoyable life

Which of these would make the biggest difference to your wellbeing?

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