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Male client with severe functional dysphagia, May 2013

My life before hypnotherapy was a constant cycle of depression, social isolation, fear and anxiety. I was and am to some extent afraid of swallowing due to previous episodes of choking; this left me severely underweight and malnourished, to the point of having medical interventions.

I had endured another Christmas and New Year with little enjoyment and I was at rock bottom. My GP gave my wife Emily's details and suggested hypnotherapy as a way forward but I was extremely sceptical, but I had reached a point where I would try anything. After speaking on the phone with Emily both me and my wife felt like someone for the first time was hearing and understanding what I was saying; it was the best feeling in the world to be understood by someone who may be able to help me.

I was nervous when I first went to Emily and afraid of being judged, but from the outset Emily put me at ease and was an absolute professional. After my initial session I slept through the night for the first time in years, I felt like there was hope and a way forward. I booked in for sessions on a weekly basis from then on.

Emily has gone out of her way on many occasions to offer support and guidance to both me and my wife. Emily has taped and forwarded sessions on to me so that I can practice the techniques at home. Nothing has ever been too much trouble she is always willing to talk to both me and my wife outside of session. I have been able to attend sessions with short notice to help me through bereavement and grief.

My life now is completely different; I have gained over a stone in weight and my BMI is just about normal. One of the biggest personal achievements for me has been going out for meals again with my family. I still feel self- conscious due to the length of time it takes me to eat but I can do it. My depression medications have been reduced and I feel in control for the first time in a long time. I look forward to holidays, family occasions and life in general. My wife put in my birthday card "I have my husband back" and we both credit this to the techniques and support provided by Emily Burns.

I would recommend Emily and her hypnotherapy to anyone. My advice would be give it a go; you have more to gain than lose, there is no pressure placed on you from Emily.

Praxa, pharmacist (retired due to health), age 49

When I moved to London from Manchester, my self esteem was very very low, my whole life had changed and having an illness (M.S.) left me feeling very sorry for myself, but with Emily's help, in her hypnotherapy/coaching sessions, I noticed a difference. My back, neck and arm pain reduced when I had progressive muscle relaxation therapy with Emily.

She gave me guidance on little positive things that opened a new window for me. I started going out more, mixed with people more and of course dressing up was fun too. I used to feel quite guilty when people helped and I was always saying how sorry I was, but Emily soon helped me recognise this and my "sorry" changed to "thank you".

Emily's friendly personality and her dedication has helped me to become a strong positive person.

Female client with needle phobia from childhood, July 2013

This client came to me two days before an outpatient hospital procedure involving needles. The following day she said:

It was surprisingly fine, a little bit nervous but nothing on the scale I usually am! I'm impressed.....Going to mention it far and wide!

Tracey, mother of five, age 42

"When I sought help from Emily my blood pressure was really really high and I felt like my brain was racing because I had so much stress in my life.

I was quite pessimistic at the beginning coz I thought that if a tablet couldn't work how would hypnotherapy work!

In the first session I felt really uptight and very tense to start, but it was a lot easier to relax than what I thought with Emily's help. I'd never experienced anything like it before-my shoulders dropped, my body relaxed and my mind went so calm.

After a second session I felt Emily had taught me enough to do the hypnotherapy and muscle relaxing on my own. If I do 10-15 minutes I have a good nights sleep and so I do it every night.

4-5 weeks after my sessions I had a check up with my doctor and he asked what had changed coz I hadn't lost weight and still had a lot in my life but my blood pressure had dropped enough to reduce my medication. I told him what I'd been doing and about the sessions and he said it probably was that making my blood pressure better! I feel like it was the techniques that helped me lower my blood pressure.

Just two sessions benefited me greatly as for the first time in my life I have learnt to cope with stress and to actually really relax.

I recently had quite a stressful time in my life through losing my father. I practiced my techniques extra and it definitely helped me through a difficult time.

I feel just two sessions benefited me greatly as for the first time in my life I have learnt to cope with stress and relax."

Amy, nurse, age 25

"I had my first session of hypnotherapy with Emily after discussing with her how anxious I was feeling prior to an interview for a job which I very much wanted. I had never had hypnotherapy before and knew little about the process or what it involved.

From the moment I sat down with Emily she put me at ease. She spent time with me explaining what hypnotherapy is and how it could help. Emily talked me through the process of entering a deep state of relaxation and how she would facilitate this and then use this state to work through some of my thoughts and feelings. Together, Emily helped me to identify some of the predominant thoughts and feelings I was having that were triggering my strong feelings of anxiety through exploration of my thinking around the interview. Emily helped me to feel comfortable and truly relaxed.

It is hard to describe how it feels to experience such a deep state of relaxation and the work that can take place at this time, but I would recommend it to anyone. The support, knowledge and understanding that Emily offered to me was both beneficial and inspiring. I believe that the work we started in this session not only helped during my interview but is also transferable within other contexts and experiences.

Hypnotherapy with Emily is definitely something I would access again in the future and would recommend to friends and family."