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Clinical Hypnotherapy

In hypnotherapy you are guided into a natural state in which your body and mind become deeply relaxed. People generally find this to be a very pleasant and calming experience. Experiencing this state can be very beneficial; muscles relax and soften and mental chatter can quieten, giving your whole body and mind a much needed rest.

Imagine feeling the tension in your neck and shoulders melting away as you relax into the chair, gradually your awareness of discomfort drifts away into the distance and you notice your mind is calmer and ever so quiet.

Hypnotherapy can be used to enhance general physical wellbeing and can be very effective in treating problems caused by or aggravated by stress. It can enable people living with chronic health conditions to significantly improve the quality of their lives. Alternatively, hypnotherapy can be used to effectively overcome problems such as low self-esteem or to replace negative patterns and habits.

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Increased health and symptom reduction
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Overcome habits or negative patterns
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